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Foal School

Posted by greenfieldsequestrian on September 15, 2009 at 4:18 AM

We are on holiday this week to get home and horse spring cleaning done. The weather is perfect and we are getting a lot done  :D


The farrier came this morning and everyone was very well behaved. The foals were fascinated with the farriers little Jack Russell dog.


After the farrier I wormed everyone and thanks to being ever nosey and ever curious about things they can pick up  the foals took the wormer no problems at all. Then we got to work on halter and lead training. This went so well, I am amazed at how calm and accepting the foals are of new things.


I put the halters on (yearling size for 9 month old foals!) with no fuss and then asked the foals to lead left and right. After a few minutes they were doing this off a very soft pull on the rope and leading all around the small yard forwards and backwards after about 5 minutes.


I tried lifting all the legs and got front ones quite happily from Toffee and all 4 from Chico.


Chico let me groom him all over on one side then got bored and wanted Mummy and Toffee let me groom his head and neck but not so keen on his bum lol! So Chico looks great from one side and Toffee looks great head on :roll: After being so good with the halters I let them off too much grooming.


Tomorrow the breezeway in the American Barn is being concreted and we are doing a few maintenance jobs on the fence lines.





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