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New friend for Tigger

Posted by greenfieldsequestrian on October 6, 2009 at 10:35 PM Comments comments (3)

Friday 2 October 09


A friend was looking for a retirement home for her beloved gelding Jackson and I needed a new friend for Tigger my older TB gelding.


Tig lost his best buddy Buzz (27 yr old TB) about 18 months ago and still looks for him. Its heartbreaking and because he doesn't  like to paddock alone he has been in with Nemo. They are ok together but Tig gets a bit fed up with being chased and won't let nippy Nemo groom him. Nemo is young, bossy and a real smart arse with the other horses. Tig is older, playful and likes company and grooming, but doesn't like young upstarts!


Both Tig & Jackson are much loved and a bit special, being sensitive little souls  that would rather back away than have a confrontation, so the perfect solution??? Jackson moved in and he and Tig are on the way to becoming good firends :D


They groomed each other the second day and when the weather cooperates and they aren't rugged eye-ball to tail they spend a lot of time helping each other get rid of itchy winter coats.


I am always a bit paranoid when a new one arrives so I went out at 4.00am the morning after Jackson arrived. He and Tig were lying down almost touching, Nemo was lying down just over the fence from them and one of the mares and both foals were lying down over the other fence nearest the boys as well.


I ruined the very sweet moment by scaring the bejesus out of Jackson :roll:  Tig is used to me appearing out of the dark to check him so raised his head but laid back down when he realised it was me. Poor Jackson got such a fright I could hear his heart beating! A peppermint soon fixed him though.


Apart from not wanting Jackson to play with the foals over the fence, especially Chico who Tig has obviously adopted, he seems very relaxed and it looks like he and Jackson will be a perfect match.


Jackson, a very pretty (in a manly way lol) boy looks very slight compared to Tig and he is lovely to have in the paddock. Never gets grumpy or spooky and is playful enough to keep Tig busy without being obnoxious.


A great solution all round. He is a chestnut with white blaze and feet - we're over-run with chestnuts! 


Photos will be up soon of Jackson. So now we have Bay (1) Chestnut (4) Dapple Grey (1), Black (1).

Spring Cleaning - Done!

Posted by greenfieldsequestrian on September 20, 2009 at 8:17 PM Comments comments (0)

Back at work now after two lovely weeks off.


We managed to get the stable floor concreted thanks to the invaluable help from a friend - cheers Adrian! Will put photos up soon.


Also got two miniature Crab apple trees and four camelleia shrubs for the garden. Martin and another friend Mark pulled an old shed down and cleaned up all the mess so the place is looking very smart for spring.


Martin is building a BBQ seating area, hopefully ready for this Summer and we plan to relocate the chicken crew to a new paddock enclosure. The girls are laying well and we are drowning in eggs so plan to sell some them at the gate.


The horses all got lots of attention over the last two weeks and all looking good. Nemo had a lesson for the first time in over 4 weeks and went really well. Tig is feeling the effects of spring but looking great. The foals are full of beans and playing games from first light. They also sleep in a sun a lot so are probably growing again!


Lessons with the young riders I teach are all going well and everyone is much more motivated in the sunshine.


We finished the holiday by spending the day at the Waikanae Spring show in the beautiful spring sunshine :D


Back to work and reality this week, with a new riding pupil as well so things will be busy as usual. Thank goodness Daylight Saving starts soon!

Foal School

Posted by greenfieldsequestrian on September 15, 2009 at 4:18 AM Comments comments (0)

We are on holiday this week to get home and horse spring cleaning done. The weather is perfect and we are getting a lot done  :D


The farrier came this morning and everyone was very well behaved. The foals were fascinated with the farriers little Jack Russell dog.


After the farrier I wormed everyone and thanks to being ever nosey and ever curious about things they can pick up  the foals took the wormer no problems at all. Then we got to work on halter and lead training. This went so well, I am amazed at how calm and accepting the foals are of new things.


I put the halters on (yearling size for 9 month old foals!) with no fuss and then asked the foals to lead left and right. After a few minutes they were doing this off a very soft pull on the rope and leading all around the small yard forwards and backwards after about 5 minutes.


I tried lifting all the legs and got front ones quite happily from Toffee and all 4 from Chico.


Chico let me groom him all over on one side then got bored and wanted Mummy and Toffee let me groom his head and neck but not so keen on his bum lol! So Chico looks great from one side and Toffee looks great head on :roll: After being so good with the halters I let them off too much grooming.


Tomorrow the breezeway in the American Barn is being concreted and we are doing a few maintenance jobs on the fence lines.





Fuller Fillies clothing available shortly!

Posted by greenfieldsequestrian on September 7, 2009 at 12:31 AM Comments comments (0)

Fuller Fillies progress :D

Finally I can let people know about the Fuller Fillies clothing and get a first order of clothing here. Hope to take it to the Te Marua Spring Show for people to view.


General Update

The weather has been very kind lately so we have got a lot of spring cleaning done around the farm. Had a huge bonfire to get rid of rubbish including the hay bales that got wet or went mouldy over the winter.

Next week we are concreting the breezeway of the American Barn. Very excited as this should mean no more mud in this high traffic area.

All horses and foals are doing well and enjoying the sunny days. Everyone has started to moult so there is horse hair everywhere :roll:  but at least they will be cooler and have nice coats in time for summer. The foals are getting very used to the Quad bike and help themselves to hay form the back while it is running. Great to get them used to machinery but not a lot of help when I am trying to feed out lol!


This week will focus on getting the Fuller Fillies stock and getting people's attention!



Baby steps...

Posted by greenfieldsequestrian on August 30, 2009 at 2:24 AM Comments comments (2)

Well I got brave on Saturday and put Tigger into a new paddock and then put the mares and their 7 month old foals in with him. After an initial gallop around, lead by Annie of course, everyone settled down to eat. Tig galloped like a spring chicken, must remind him he is 22!


The foals are fascinated by Tig and Chico was the first one to go and say hi. Tig has never seen foals before these two and has a real problem with little ponies, especially minis, but he is fine with the babies. They have been grooming each other over the gate for a while and look like being good buddies already. They had a grooming session this afternoon - so cute! Tig is big 16.2 hh bay and  Chico and Toffee 7 month old babies , they are big but still had to stretch to reach Tig's wither  :)


Toffee came up and did the mouthing foal thing but stayed with Mum (Annie) most of the first afternoon.Today they were both following Tig around and copying everything he did - hilarious to watch.


Nemo has been turned out this week and wasn't keen to come in to work today. He would much rather just stay and eat and boss the pony around lol! I gave lessons today and one of the children I teach is jumping so well! She did 70cms today after only 4 lessons!


We are getting lots of requests for old manure so have got rid of a lot of the winter pile already.


Martin had heaps of maintenance to do this weekend. The pony on a diet broke through a post and rail fence to get at the grass and Tig broke yet another ballcock in his trough - he's done about 4 now :dry:







Success at Winter Dressage Series 09

Posted by greenfieldsequestrian on August 18, 2009 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (1)

My young horse Nemo finished his first ever outing on a high note thanks once again to the skill and experience of his rider Leia! :D

Nemo got placed first and third at the last day of the Te Marua Winter Dressage Series on Sunday. So overall he has achieved two firsts, two seconds and two third placings for the series. Enough to be Reserve Champion of his class, although for some reason RC sashes were not awarded this year??

This was his first ever outing and he has gained in confidence and experience over the three days. Apart from inconsiderate people packing the shed up while he warmed up for his last test (a bit tough on a greenie being last to go and seeing plastic chairs moving through the air) Nemo has handled the whole show experience really well. He was even relaxed enough at the truck to poke his head in the people door - looking for food no doubt! Photos to come tomorrow...



Still waiting on material from the UK for the Fuller Fillies clothing range - a little frustrating but should be here shortly as they have confirmed our paper-work.


Everyone else at the farm is doing well. The warmer weather means the spring growth is starting early (still 2 weeks till Spring) and one pony is on restricted grass already.


Started teaching the foals to back away on commmand when I go into the paddock. Chico is very quick to pick up commands whereas Toffee wants to know if there is any food before he decides to listen :dry:


Went to a BBQ last Saturday met lots of lovely people and picked up a new client for the riding school so will have to kick Tiggers "back into work" regime up a notch!

Photos and content added...

Posted by greenfieldsequestrian on August 11, 2009 at 12:06 AM Comments comments (0)

The site is slowly developing! There are photos and details of the services and facilities we offer.


The Fuller Fillies people have promised a quick turnaround on our trade application and we should be listing their products any day now.


This blogsite will also be used as a diary for what is happening in the lives of all of the inhabitants at Greenfields. A quick update:


Spring is nearly here thank goodness. We have had rain almost everyday since May this year. The last 5 days have been fine though - the longest run of time without rain all winter. The mud is actually starting to dry up and we have been able to get early spring cleaning jobs done - like water blasting the millions of covers I seem to have collected :-)


Tigger is coming back into work and loving it. He works quietly in the arena and out hacking. When I jumped him (on the lunge) earlier in the week however he forgot completely about being an older gentleman and raced round like a mad thing.


Nemo is back in work this week, getting ready for the 3rd and final day of the Te Marua Winter Dressage series. This is his first ever outing and he is going well under Leia's expertise. At Day 1 he was 1st and 3rd, Day 2 he got 2nd and 2nd - will update Day 3 after 16 August.


The mares and foals have enjoyed the last few days sun and the babies are very playful! Susie's tail looks suspiciously short but I haven't caught Chico or Toffee in the act yet. 

Web development continues...

Posted by greenfieldsequestrian on August 3, 2009 at 1:52 AM Comments comments (0)

Waiting on advertising material to come from Fuller Fillies and need to figure out how to link to Facebook to show the Vollrath Lessing foals that we have for sale.


The foals are six months old now and ready for in-hand training. They are yet to be weaned but are ready for something to keep them occupied.


Tigger (22 yr old TB) will be joining the mares and foals in the paddock shortly as he will be "nana" to them once they are weaned.



Greenfields Equestrian

Posted by greenfieldsequestrian on July 27, 2009 at 10:03 PM Comments comments (0)

Finally got the computer power and the time to build a website for our business   :D 


Watch as this site is developed for news of:  "Fuller Fillies" clothing. A range of clothing for woman Size 16 and up. Very stylish and excellent quality and fit.  


We also offer livery options for your horse if you are travelling, sick or just busy. Our services include feeding, shoeing, covers, vet and other services and schooling for your horse, riding lessons for all ages and stages.


Photos of the property, stable and facilities will be up soon.