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New friend for Tigger

Posted by greenfieldsequestrian on October 6, 2009 at 10:35 PM

Friday 2 October 09


A friend was looking for a retirement home for her beloved gelding Jackson and I needed a new friend for Tigger my older TB gelding.


Tig lost his best buddy Buzz (27 yr old TB) about 18 months ago and still looks for him. Its heartbreaking and because he doesn't  like to paddock alone he has been in with Nemo. They are ok together but Tig gets a bit fed up with being chased and won't let nippy Nemo groom him. Nemo is young, bossy and a real smart arse with the other horses. Tig is older, playful and likes company and grooming, but doesn't like young upstarts!


Both Tig & Jackson are much loved and a bit special, being sensitive little souls  that would rather back away than have a confrontation, so the perfect solution??? Jackson moved in and he and Tig are on the way to becoming good firends :D


They groomed each other the second day and when the weather cooperates and they aren't rugged eye-ball to tail they spend a lot of time helping each other get rid of itchy winter coats.


I am always a bit paranoid when a new one arrives so I went out at 4.00am the morning after Jackson arrived. He and Tig were lying down almost touching, Nemo was lying down just over the fence from them and one of the mares and both foals were lying down over the other fence nearest the boys as well.


I ruined the very sweet moment by scaring the bejesus out of Jackson :roll:  Tig is used to me appearing out of the dark to check him so raised his head but laid back down when he realised it was me. Poor Jackson got such a fright I could hear his heart beating! A peppermint soon fixed him though.


Apart from not wanting Jackson to play with the foals over the fence, especially Chico who Tig has obviously adopted, he seems very relaxed and it looks like he and Jackson will be a perfect match.


Jackson, a very pretty (in a manly way lol) boy looks very slight compared to Tig and he is lovely to have in the paddock. Never gets grumpy or spooky and is playful enough to keep Tig busy without being obnoxious.


A great solution all round. He is a chestnut with white blaze and feet - we're over-run with chestnuts! 


Photos will be up soon of Jackson. So now we have Bay (1) Chestnut (4) Dapple Grey (1), Black (1).

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