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"The Milk Shed" Farm Stay coming soon...



Greenfields offer a range of services...

We offer a range of options for:

  • Livery - options and prices vary from paddock grazing to full care 
  • Training for horse - ground work, lungeing, float/truck loading etc
  • Training for rider - learn to ride, flat work, dressage, jumping
  • Truck  transport
  • Photos  - ideal as gifts or special memory for yourself at your place or at Greenfields!

We offer a boutique service taking no more than 2 horses at any one time into livery so each receives a high level of time and personal attention.

We are happy to agist racehorses.

Bookings for Xmas are very popular so if you want peace of mind while you are on holiday over the Xmas break remember to book in early.

There is no minimum length of stay and maximum is 3 months or longer by negotiation.



We offer an all weather arena that has floodlights and full height fencing. The arena is set beside a country road so horses quickly get used to traffic and passersby without the stress of a busy road. There is a stereo system hooked up to the arena for practising your musical dressage or simply to train horses to get used to music, loud speakers etc.


We have wooden railing yards for ease of handling.

Horse Safe Paddocks

Aside from the boundary fences, which are 7 wire post and batten for strength and security, all internal fencing is white post and rail, or the latest horse safe plastic wire fencing. The white rails are round and  designed to pop off if kicked hard by the horses, thus preventing injury to legs.

All paddocks have access to two troughs to prevent crowding and bullying.

 There is tree shelter and thick hedging in all paddocks to provide summer and winter shelter and shade.

The land is flat to very gently rising, ideal for young, nervous or older horses.

Loose Boxes

There are two barns offering 7 boxes with a range of flooring from concrete to compacted lime, sand and dirt to suit all ages and needs. All boxes are very safe being constructed of either solid wood tongue and groove panelling and/or wooden railings. All boxes are warm and sheltered in winter with good airflow and are large in size.

Feed Room/Storage/Parking

Greenfields was a working dairy farm until ten years ago so there are a range of out buildings and plenty of storage and parking. There are double gates at the stable entrance providing large trucks easy access and there is no need to back with the float if you don't want to! The old milk tank shed serves as a handy feed room with power, hot and cold water, fridge and a sink.


We live onsite and keep the entrance gates locked at all times. Between ourselves, our groom and other clients there are people coming and going all day. We live in a quiet safe rural community. 




Bouncing Tigger #1 horse at Greenfields shows the fencing and an idea of the shelter available in all paddocks.Tigger is 22

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